Using RoadBounce app to validate concrete stabilization work

Let me explain what we do. Our company drills through concrete and injects a dense polyurethane foam below concrete highways and roadways to replace eroded base materials and lift panel/s back to grade. The concrete can be expanded too much from the heat (this happens pretty much all summer), rebar being bound up, small debris being caught in the joint, etc…

​Even though on all those projects where we replaced the eroded base and stabilized the panels, if the panels wouldn’t lift and the ride quality didn’t greatly improve the agency would wonder what they actually paid for. About a year and a half ago we incorporated a new process of PolyGrinding and it has really taken off. The cost of this process is about 1/4 of full depth repair cost (panel replacement) and about ½ the cost of another process called Dowel Bar Retrofit. PolyGrinding significantly improves ride quality of the faulted concrete pavement.

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