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hundreds of utility-related patch and trench works take place on our beautiful roads.

These essential maintenance tasks are crucial to keep our infrastructure in good condition, but they often pose a significant challenge – the time it takes to reopen the road to traffic. To address this issue effectively, a groundbreaking tool is required to rapidly validate the flatness of resurfacing jobs and certify their quality. Enter IRIs, your solution for substantial cost savings and improved road quality.

Frequent trench works are needed for underground utilities
Measurement of trench work and utility patchwork on roads up to 1mm accuracy level

The Challenge

Utility contractors face a significant dilemma when it comes to road maintenance. They must ensure that the roadwork is not only completed swiftly but also meets stringent quality standards. The flatness of the re-surfaced road is a critical factor in ensuring the safety and satisfaction of road users. However, manual inspection methods can be time-consuming and inconsistent, leading to costly delays and subpar road quality.

The Solution

IRIs presents a state-of-the-art robotic system designed to quickly and accurately validate the flatness of road work before reinstatement. Our solution is engineered to streamline the inspection process, allowing for faster decision-making and ensuring that roads are safe and smooth for the public.

Key Features and Benefits


IRIs eliminates the need for manual inspection, reducing downtime and speeding up the process of reopening roads to traffic.

Cost Savings

Utility contractors can save thousands of dollars by avoiding delays and rework through our self-inspection solution.


Our robotic system provides precise and consistent flatness measurements, ensuring that the roadwork meets the required standards.

Improved Road Quality:

IRIs helps maintain and improve the quality of road surfaces, leading to greater safety and satisfaction for road users.

Current Operations

IRIs is currently serving customers in Singapore, where we have made a significant impact in improving the efficiency and quality of road maintenance operations. Our solution has been well-received, and we continue to work with utility contractors to enhance the roadwork process.

Looking for Partners Worldwide

We are actively seeking partners in other countries who share our vision of better road maintenance and who want to bring IRIs’ innovative technology to their communities. If you are interested in collaborating with us to revolutionize roadwork inspections and improve the quality of roads in your region, please get in touch.

Join us in making our roads

Contact IRIs today to learn more about our flatness measurement robotic vehicle and how we can work together to make a difference. Together, we can create a better future for road infrastructure worldwide.