Live road monitoring

Complete solution for Smart cities, Municipalities and road authorities to digitize their road network

Road reinstatement

Reducing reinstatement time after trench and patch work done for utilities underground

IRI collection using Smartphone

Self-service Android app for International Roughness Index and PCI surveys

Data Service for Fleets and Connected cars

Connect your IoT devices with RoadBounce SaaS services in backend. Improve your decision making and analytics with riding and road quality indicators


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Kilometers digitized for Government and Private road authorities

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Mumbai-Pune Expressway – Rough patches and when to travel

The Mumbai Pune Expressway is India’s first ever six lane expressway spanning over a vast distance of 94.5 kms. Being fully operationalized in 2002, the expressway handles about 43,000 vehicle units and is designed to handle up to 10,00,000 PCU’s daily. This six lane project cost Rs 16.3 billion to construct under the Maharashtra State…

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Using RoadBounce app to validate concrete stabilization work

Let me explain what we do. Our company drills through concrete and injects a dense polyurethane foam below concrete highways and roadways to replace eroded base materials and lift panel/s back to grade. The concrete can be expanded too much from the heat (this happens pretty much all summer), rebar being bound up, small debris…

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Smart City Winning Pitch

Hanoi, Vietnam

As featured on Shark Tank India

Presenting IRIs robotic inspection vehicle

Discussion at IIM Ahmedabad

How to equip road authorities with real-time information