Road Tech Unleashed: Experience the Future of Real-Time Road Network Monitoring

Road transportation is one of the most common and widely used modes of transportation worldwide. However, it also comes with a considerable risk of accidents and fatalities. In accordance with a World Health Organisation (WHO) report, vehicle accidents kill over 1.35 million individuals each year and injure up to 50 million more. These statistics reveal a pressing need to embrace new technologies that can enhance road safety and save lives. In this regard, Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents an immense opportunity to revolutionize the transportation sector, resulting in improved road safety.

At RoadBounce, we believe in a holistic approach to service delivery. Through our RB Enterprise program, we offer a comprehensive package of solutions that not only geo-tag your entire road network with chainages and org units, but also set up a fully functional war room where you can use the road map as an indexed database to receive contract expiry alerts, upload digital documents, and receive real-time feedback from contractors operating on the road.

Moreover, we go the extra mile to enrich the map with real-time data collected from drivers running on your roadways. By investing in our services, you are not only tapping into the advantages of our expertise but also investing in the local community that can benefit from the opportunities provided by the employment generated as a result of this engagement. We provide year-long support from our highly experienced staff.

Knowing that the potential of AI in improving road safety cannot be overstated. Although several challenges such as the cost of implementing AI-powered technologies, legal and ethical concerns, and lack of reliable data remain, the benefits of embracing AI in the transportation sector far outweigh the challenges. Hence, RoadBounce’s RB Enterprise provides businesses with a powerful tool to ensure the success of their road network. It tracks roads, chainage, and organizational units, allows access to digital documents and feedback from construction contractors, and can be used to generate real-time reports. Its localized employment model and round-the-clock support help ensure organizations make the most of their investment.

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