RoadBounce Pro

International Roughness Index (IRI) Calculator

RoadBounce Pro for Android 

RoadBounce Pro

Revolutionizes road assessment with its powerful features.

Utilizing your phone’s sensors, it calculates precise road roughness indices (IRI) and generates detailed reports, providing valuable insights into road conditions. Whether you’re a road engineer or a concerned citizen, Roadbounce Pro empowers you to make informed decisions for safer, smoother journeys.

Key Features

Accurate IRI Calculation

Roadbounce Pro uses Smartphone
sensor to calculate IRI, delivering precise
assessments for informed decision-making

Map View Integration

Get a comprehensive view of road conditions
on an interactive map, enabling you to
visualize assessments along your route.

Real-Time Assessment

Receive immediate insights into road
quality during your journey, empowering
you to take necessary precautions.

Historical Data Tracking

Archive and analyze previous assessments
to monitor road conditions over time and
prioritize maintenance efforts effectively.

Road Condition Classification

Receive instant reports categorizing road
conditions as Good, Bad, or Average, allowing for
swift identification of maintenance priorities.

Multi-Unit Measurement

Customize your analysis with a selection of units,
including m/km and in/miles, ensuring
compatibility with a range of global metrics.

Detailed Reports

Access comprehensive reports with statistics
and graphical representations, facilitating data-
driven decisions for road maintenance.

Export in Multiple Formats

Seamlessly export your detailed reports in PDF, KML,
and CSV, offering a versatile range of options for
sharing, collaborating, and in-depth analysis.

See it in action.

Let’s check how the application works

Start Assessment:

Begin your journey with Roadbounce Pro, and let the app’s advanced algorithms take over.

Real-Time Data Collection:

As you travel, Roadbounce Pro continuously gathers data from your phone’s accelerometer and GPS sensors, providing instant IRI calculations.

Generate Detailed Reports:

At the end of your journey, access reports categorizing road conditions and providing insights for maintenance planning.

Map View Visualization:

Review your assessments on an interactive map, offering a clear visual representation of road conditions.

Upgrade your road assessment capabilities with Roadbounce Pro.
Download now and join us in paving the way for better, safer journeys. Your contribution matters!

Why Choose RoadBounce Pro?

Precise Road Assessments

RoadBounce Pro delivers accurate IRI calculations and provides clear road condition classifications, ensuring actionable insights for maintenance planning.

Global Compatibility

Supporting a range of units,
RoadBounce Pro accommodates
international standards and
diverse user

Empowering Road Safety

From engineers to concerned citizens, RoadBounce Pro equips you with the tools to contribute to safer,
smoother roads in
your community.