Roughness Index Measurement App for Professionals

RoadBounce Pro

Mobile technology to identify potholes, cracks, riding quality indicators. Capture geo-tagged information while driving around, and calibrate to generate IRI, PCI or your own scale.

Download from here

1) Create custom vehicle profiles as per speed of survey, Unit of IRI and set your own acceptance criteria for Good/Average/Poor ratings

2) Collect IRI by driving your car on desired road/lane. View analytics and export as PDF,CSV or KML for importing into your own Asset Management System


  • Capture Riding Quality every 20, 100 or 1k meters
  • Get Class-3 IRI on long road networks in real-time by putting the phone in your car
  • Get Class-1 comparable results over short patches by mounting the phone on electric vehicles, directly on axle

Custom deployments, integrations and on-premise solutions available

Download the App for Android Phones