RoadBounce Data Services


Utilize proven algorithms to enhance intelligent automotive and analytics systems.​

At RoadBounce, we offer cutting-edge data services that empower intelligent automotive and analytics systems through proven algorithms. Our APIs provide you with a wide range of features to enhance your vehicle’s performance and safety. Here’s a closer look at what our data services can do for you:


Upload sensory data

Submit readings from accelerometer planted in your device/car and location in simple text format

Get riding quality report

Instantly get reports about the riding quality experienced by your vehicle. When it went smooth, when was the ride bumpy

Get road quality report

Get geo-tagged road quality report which can be saved and utilized for future reference such as route planning

Get alerts

Utilize power of crowd-sourcing. Get validated, real-time alerts on upcoming rough patches and use them for alerts from your device

Case Studies

Tire and Suspension life estimation

Know not only where your vehicles drive, but also *how* do they drive, generating precise ‘wear and tear’ value for each mile driven


Sensitive cargo, such as Ambulances or Hazmat are benefited by knowing potholes beforehand. Road safety mechanisms can be built into smart cars which provide ‘rough road’ alerts into its console.

Truly enterprise

The algorithms we have developed do not require computer vision and work on pure text data logs, making it possible to process large amount of data from multiple vehicles simultaneously, reducing cost of data transfer and storage

Architected for Scalability

The data submitted to RoadBounce servers is completely de-identified and we do not know your business. What we create is location intelligence out of data from multiple users to generate sum-of-selected actionable insights

Designed for Privacy

Let’s build the future together with RoadBounce Data Services. 

Whether you’re looking to improve your vehicle’s performance, enhance road safety, or make more informed decisions about maintenance, our data services have you covered. 

Connect with us today to get started on the road to smarter, safer, and more efficient transportation.